Hi guys! Have you ever heard of a new Chinese kongfu movie called House of Flying Daggers. Zhang Yimou, the director of the movie also has directed another famous Chinese movie called Hero. If you are a kongfu fan, you would love it. Here are just two links about the movie below if you want to check them out.

(official site)

This is a must-see! Almost as good as "Hero" and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon".
Kungfu? More like "wire-fu"


Hero is a very pretty film, though the fighting scenes are a bit over the top.

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Watched "House of Flying Daggers" on Friday.

Well, I felt as if Hero's cinematography and fighting scenes got plugged into a weaker formula. The love story REAAAALLY dragged, and the "House-Government" duel got lost in the fight between the sentimental trio.

That said, I still enjoyed the fighting scenes in the movie, "wire-fus" and all!
I agree, too much romantic sap Emotion: rolleyes
I'm a native Chinese,
and I havent seen it, and u knwo why,
the public & critics were bombarding this flick for it's lack of any integrity...

Most of Chinese people were against this piece of crap... they say there's just fighting fighting and fighting and fighting... basically the story sucks...

This movie sells, engrossed over hundreds of millions of RMB (Chinese money) at the box office in China, but I heard that most people walked outta the cinema feeling they've been cheated or fallen into a trap set up by Zhang Yimou... cause u know the title of this flick in Chinese means "a setup" / "a trap" / "surrounded by enemies", they thought this movie has cheated them for the box office profit...

Well, I cant talk much about this movie cause I haven't seen it, but I doubt I will ...although I like that 2 male actors a lot...

BTW: I dont like Hero / Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon either...

some kinda negative ***, am I??? Emotion: wink
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what does "wire-fu" mean?
None of the actors knows kungfu. They did all those neat tricks with the help of wires. Emotion: smile