Hi guys,
I've just finished an translation of one movie about the living in US called "Marriage Under the Construction". One young married couple was there renovating their house, especially the bathroom, which was quite interesting...However,I have a problem with some of the words in there....
a) Walk-in closet:
I have a problem with how to put this word into my native language. I didn't find a direct translation of this word into my native language...Please may I call it just entrance change-room?

b) Derek and Vanessa ( that mentined young couple ) were choosing the faucet into their new bathroom....

DEREK: What do you think about this faucet? This one is really simple and clean.(???? What did he mean by the word "clean"????)
VANESSA: That's cool! I like that it's kind of a cool piece unto itself, right? (Please what's the meaning of the red sentence?)

c) The word "accent".

Derek and Vanessa were choosing the new tiles into their new bathroom....Derek seems to be the money saver..:-), he's still repeating that they need something cheap and good looking. So Lisa, the designer who was helping them to do that, is giving them an advice:

You can even save more money by using that(she looked at the tiles with the price 9$) only as an accent. So taking a bigger tile( she looked at the cheaper tiles ) and then putting a band of the accent in there.

Please what's the right meaning of the word accent here? I've never heard that in this context.

Thank you guys in advance for your help!

Best Regards


1) a walk-in closet is just a closet big enough for you to walk inside of it Emotion: smile You're not really supposed to change your clothes in a walk-in, just pick out the items you want and change in the bedroom like normal. So, I don't think calling it a "changing room" is really appropriate at all.

2) He means that the faucet is smooth and seamless. Sometimes we call this look "having clean lines" hence a "clean" look. I guess this must be one of those ultra modern expensive designer faucets, because she essentially agrees that it's attractive looking just by itself.

3) Accent here is like "highlight": little details that add character. An accent in speaking in essentially just little changes in certain sounds that make your voice sound different. Accent here is a similar idea except it's probably color they're talking about. Instead of using a lot of the expensive colorful tile, they can use just a little to change the way the cheaper tile looks.
Amazing, thanks Marianne for the perfect and very clear answer!
Best Regards
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Marianne, why do you say that you are not supposed to get dressed in a walk-in closet? Mine is big enough to get dressed there which, in fact, I do......
There is no prohibition against it.

My mother had a walk-in closet in the house I grew up in. It was longer than it was wide, had hanging racks on either side and shelves in the back. Certainly she COULD change her clothes in there, but it was not the intention. There was no place to sit down, no place to set the clothes you are changing into, and not a lot of room between the racks. There was less room to change clothes in there than in the smallest of the department store changing rooms.

If you have a walk-in closet with a enough room for these things, I'd say you have a dressing room.

Because in most cases what's described as a "walk-in closet" is simply a very large closet, not a whole room. True there are "walk-ins" that DO look like mini-boutiques with seating areas, shelving, mirrors and lots of space ... and if that's the case then sure you can certainly change in there. But most people who have what they describe as "walk-in closets" do not have that; they have only a closet where they have to step all the way into the closet to reach all the items. So that's why I don't think it's an appropriate translation Emotion: smile
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So I guess I have a dressing room because mine is a separate room (next to my bedroom) where I have shelves and an armchair.