Hi there! I am just curious. How old are you, where are you from, how do you describe this coutry. What citys you like there most and why?

I am 15 years old, and from Estonia. I describe it like small coutry with beatiful sights. Here is so much to see and even i haven't went some places yet. I like the capital of Estonia and it is Tallinn. I think Tallinn have many historical buildings. I also like Tartu, beacause i think it is the most clean part of Estonia, there is so well-kept house yards. Well thats all, what i think about Estonia.
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Hey! My name is Lindsey and i am 13 years old. i live in the United States. I live in the state Illinois. when i think of Illinois, i think of cornfields, and wheatfields. And every now and then, soybean fields. illinois is a very agricultural place. if you were to travel there you would see just lots of handfulls of farms and stuff like that. Emotion: smile cool, well if you would like to respond that would be so awesome! ok, bu-bye
Hi there Lindsay. It's seemes to be very lovely place.
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Welcome to EnglishForward, GiggleBlonde.
I turned 23 on June 22, and grew up in Orange County in southern California.
Hi Rose00

I'm VinodRam From Chennai, India. I'm 23yrs old and my country has the beautiful Taj Mahal whcih is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Where is your country in the world map?
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My coutry is in Europe. Maybe you know Russia, and Finland these are ours neighbours.
Let me be the first to say hello from the over-40 crowd. Now I'll go get my walker and settle down for a nap.
Grammar Geeksettle down for a nap.
Is it a symptom of over-40?Emotion: smile
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