How about this Easter or What about this Easter? do they mean do you have any plans for this Easter?
Hello Maj

1. Friends on the phone, in November. They don't see each other often:

'So, shall I see you at Christmas?'
'Sorry, no. Too busy.'
'How about Easter?'

2. A year later:

'So, you stood me up last Easter again.'
'I know, I'm sorry.'
'Well, what about this Easter?'

3. Another year later. I'm sorry to say #2 didn't turn up again:
'Oh, so it's you.'
'Yes...sorry about last Easter. But what about this Easter?
'What about this Easter.' {slams down phone}

4. A different scenario. Two friends, discussing plans:
'So, any plans for Christmas?'
'Oh, you know...visiting relatives...the usual.'
'And what about Easter?'

So in examples 1 to 3, 'How/What about Easter' is a suggestion. In #4, it's as you say: 'do you have plans?'.

I hope your friends are more reliable than the ones in ##1-3...

Thanks so much for clarifying it.