Hello Everybody,

While posting a message on a forum like EnglishForward.com what is the formal, polite way of addressing ?.
For example, Hello, Hello everybody, Hi, or addressing itself are redundant here ?

Secondl, when you reply to an anonymous post how to address the person ?
Hello anonymous, or just Hello,

Thank you for your patience !

Hi Dileepk,

Your question is very interesting. Personally, I prefer 'Hello' or 'Hello Teachers' when I post a new question. Equally, while responding to a particular message, I use 'Hi/Hello <<name>>'.

To respond an anonymous message, althought it is a bit weird, I tend to use 'Hi/Hello <<Anon.>>
Hello Dileepk

I do the following:

To all: "Hello everyone".

To an anonymous user: "Hello Anon".

To a particular member: "Hello Dileepk".

Some people use "Hi" instead of "Hello". That's fine too.

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Hello Krish,

Fine. Thank you very much.

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Thanks Mr.Pedantic.

Wishing you a happy Christmas !

Happy Christmas to you too! <:o)