Hello All,

I’m facing a problem about how to make announcement in the shopping mall with polite vocabularies.

For example, how do we speak welcome words to the customers coming into the shopping mall?

How do we announce things such as “lost and found”?

How about losing children announcement?

Can someone help me with these questions?

Thank you

They normally say things like

'good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the X shopping mall'.

'Customer announcement. If you have lost a brown handbag please come to the customer service desk'.

'Customer announcement. We have a lost child somewhere in the mall. We are looking for a little boy, aged 6 years old, wearing a red jacket and a black backpack. He was last seen on the upper levels. If you have seen this child please notify the nearest member of security.'

'Customer announcement. We have found a little girl, approximately 3 years old, who tells us her name is Sarah and that she is here with her daddy today. If you are with Sarah, please come to the nearest customer service desk.'
I am a Customer Service manager at Sainsburys UK, If I ever heard a member of my staff doing an announcement on a lost child, telling the whole public what they are wearing and their name, I would never let them make an announcement in their whole time of working at that store. reason for this is that you don;t know whos in the store, there are some funny people about, if they hear the child is missing and they know what the child looks like they could kidnap of enything because they know that the child is on their own

If a mother comes to the Customer Service desk reporting her missing child, we would take the childs name eg Sarah Stone and we would get information about her however the announcement that we puut out will be somewhat like this

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, this is a customer announcement iif there is a Sarah Stone in the store could you please attend the customer service desk."

or it can be somewere where she knows like the kiosk.

If the child is to young to understand, as i have stated before the member of staff should get as much information on the child as possible regarding her age, clothing, apperience etc. then inform other staff to look. rather than letting the whole world know!!!
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Hello everyone, i facing with the problem to make announcements at shopping mall.

1 . How to paging car that wrong parking and ask them to remove the car

2. How to make announcements for safety using escalator

pen walk 11 . How to paging car that wrong parking and ask them to remove the car

The blue Camaro, licence plate number AB7889, is parked illegally. WIll the owner please remove the car.

pen walk 12. How to make announcements for safety using escalator

Do not walk up the down escalator.
Do not put baby strollers on the escalator.
Hold on to the hand rails.
Do not jump, run, or play on the escalator.
Watch your step when entering or exiting the escalator.

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Hi everyone. I am looking on a proper way to announce as I’m working in kids area, for instance What to page if I wanted to call their attention to do or go to activity (room)