Hello Everyone

I came across this forum while searching on the internet to improve my english writing.

I am a Pakistani living in UK I always struggle writing business emails and proposals. I make silly mistakes like forgetting " the or a " . Its very embarrassing some times specially when writing emails to more than 1 person or sending business proposals.

I would like to improve my writing skills and gramatical mistakes i make. Could anyone tell me a good english book i can buy or any site to improve english writing or any rules which i can follow to improve my sentence building

These few sentences will give you an idea of my level of english

Hope someone will help

thanking you in anticipation

I can't recommend any books but you are welcome to come back to this forum for help. You should find it useful to look at many of the writing threads and you can always post a copy of your letters for us to look at. Other than that, it is just practise. It's a good idea to read as much as possible. Do you have time to read through a newspaper everyday? And I mean something fairly serious, a broadsheet or one of the 'heavier' tabloids, not the Sun! this would help you a lot.
thankyou for your reply. I use computer 12 hours a day and read online newspapers everyday

I have spoken to my company and i am planning to join a business communication course in a nearby university soon

I will try to post my emails and letters for you to look at

Again thank you for you help
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totally i can speak english but i have som problem how i can better my english i have problem when i am reading new worde specific i cant pronunce them i have to search words in my dictionary

my fild is english

thank you elham
Hi, I have been training students in New Delhi. I have come across a lot of students who face a similar problem with English language. Here are a few tricks which you can use to improve your spoken English. Practice speaking in English as much as you can. Read books, novels, blogs, articles whatever data you can find to read. Listen to English songs, news, radio broadcasts etc. to find out how to pronounce words and last but not the least speak as much as you can with your friends or family members. This will help in increasing your confidence on the language. Well if all this fails I would recommend you to join some English training institute, which would help you in developing English skills.