hello ladies and gentle men

I have problem with writing essay. I want to improve my writing, but Ididn't know how

before two months I had IELTS exam

I took 4 in writting

4 in reading

6 in listening

6 in speaking

what shall I do ??!!

please help me

Emotion: sad
Hmmm, I'm not sure what you're askiing for, but here is one tip of advice:

Show, not Tell.

This means means that instead of saying this dress is fabulous, you should describe, the dress is very authentic, with a snarling dragon with glowing eyes wrapping around it. Hope that helps! Emotion: smile
Hey! That was a really good tip... I'll try it, I promise you... Emotion: smile
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Hi everyone, I'm new here and this is the first time to post. I also have the same prolems. My writing is very poor. When I am given a topic, I hardly find some ideas for the topic. However, I don't know how to expess my ideas fluently, therefore I can't develop them. My vocabulary is limited, even though I've learnt many new words, but hardly I can make sentences with them. I also find it difficult to use "strong and colour" words, as well as complex sentences in my writing. Thus my compositions are usually boring, and I never get an "A", often the results are "C". So I need some advices to improve my language learning.
Well, the first thing is to read more. It helps a lot. And if you are given lots of time when you write your essay (especially when it's homework), then try to brainstorm or make out a mind map. Let's say you have a topic on a country. You just need your imagination, a pen and a piece of scrap paper. Write down what you can think of that is on the topic, like the country's food, culture, places, specialities, population etc. You can search information on the internet, and that comes in handy when you need lots of information. You can also ask for first hand information from people. Maybe you have a relative there or maybe you can go online and ask one of your online buddies for their opinion on their country.

After you did all the information collecting, interviewing and brainstorming, you would have already increased your own knowledge on the topic. So just sit down, and try to write your draft. Introduce the country first, where it is in the world, and maybe how long it's history. Then maybe give the reader some background information before settling on what you're supposed to talk about. It's city life, the shops, the people, the food etc. Remember to write drafts before you really write the thing out and hand it in. Drafts are extremely useful and if you can put them on the internet (such as here) and people can read it and give you their opinions, that would be even better. Read what people think and try to make changes. Then your essay would be really good.

P.S, remember to proof read your essay.
I suggest you write the journal or weblog everyday. It's giving you a good chance for applying the new vocabulary in your writing, your essay structure will also be improved because you "write a lot". Hope it's helpful.
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hello... I also have the same problem because I study English as asecond language .I always get a bad mark in writing .I tried but I cant my teatsher want me to write a small sentence as child write ... what I will do ????