I can't log in to chatroom. Who can I to know?
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Hi, please have a look here: http://www.EnglishForward.com/content/articles/chat-help.htm

You MUST have a verified email to be able to enter the chat, otherwise you'll see "Authentication Failed" message.

Clikc on /chat at the top of the page.

See this link for details on how to chat
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Thank you! I will to try! Where are you from?
I come from Iran
May I ask YOU, where YOU from???
Thank you for your reply. I'm from Vietnam.
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hi snowwhite123 ... i posted a message yesterday.. i am from cote d'ivoire 'Ivory Coast) western africa.. thank you very much.
hi.i'm vincent,from china,now i am in UK. It's happy to practice english with you .
I want your help
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