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In my point of view ,
toefl is not the test that test your ability to learn in English subject .
so every university should not put high score for enter the university just test their students before entering to put them in levels.In this point, every student can enter the university without difficulty.

For how to pass toefl ,
I didnot pass toefl so you have to wait all your life until you pass or you can burnout and complete your life more happy so you can look for word to achieve your ambitions.

your friend
If this post is the best you can do, than I wouldn't bet any money on you! Remember Franklin? Practice makes perfect my friend...Judging by your writing skills, you need at least 3-4 months of heavy studying.

Good luck
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thank for the good and motivated answers

It's really funny how many people have told me that I was going to pass the test, they said all the time that my english is good despite the fact that is not good enough (at least for me and for these TOEFL's require). I'll take the test in 2 days, don't know what is going to happen. As many of you, I am scared because it's really important to me and my future in plenty ways. Anyway I'll come back and tell you guys how was the experience and later if my score was enough.

I am the same of the last answer, I read that some of you has taken the test in several times, I just want to know ¿No one has passed the test in the first attempt?

Dude, I learn English by my self, I've never been in any kind of English School. I just bought a book (The princenton review: Cracking the TOEFL or something like that) to improve my skills but I haven't finished it yet. Test will be held in 2 days, and I am shitting my pants off because I got to pass the test Yes or Yes.

Just want to hear a little bit of motivation of real test takers, I'm tired of always listening to Americans and British girls telling me that I'm going to pass the test just because they think my English seems good.
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Additionally, when speaking during the oral part of the test, many students become quite nervous and begin to stutter or lose track of their ideas.

What I suggest to you, is have some kind of structure when speaking. Present two main ideas with 3-4 sentences of detail each in response to any topic they ask you. The key is to be relaxed, but confident. You must have the ease of speaking to a friend, but with structure and conciseness. It's true, there is no secret way to pass the test, but if you use structure, speak slowly and calmly, and employ creativity, you will very likely do well.
I'm in the same posiotion as most of the people above me.... I've never learned english in any school or courses.... nothing xD
I've just played lots of MMORPGs lots of English movies and TV shows.... lots of foreign friends
Lots of fun while watching Cartoon Network 24/7 ;D
All of my friends tell me that my english is good and that I speak really fluently but still....
I'm really frustrated about the damn test... it's in two days and I'm like going crazy beacuse my future depends on it.... the damn universities in Holland
Well..... I guess that's all from me I'll be back in a couple of weeks to share my SUCCESS or FAILURE... I hope it will be SUCCESS ^^

Best whishesh from Bulgaria and Lots of luck to people who have the TOEFL upcoming ;]

( I hope my post isn't that bad and people won't tell me " blah you suck man go lear english xDDD )
Moroccan ƒlagsI've just played lots of MMORPGs lots of English movies and TV shows.. lots of foreign friends Lots of fun while watching Cartoon Network 24/7 ;
Same here! english is the second foreing lang in morocco, we begin studying at 16 years old, i was wondering if i could pass it (tofel of caurse!), but seeying youenglish level, am realy pathetic, i m quite good at reading&undersdanding, but writing and searching ideas is the last boss, which i think will never beat
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well, for me nothing to say beside wish u good luck for ur exam.

esp u have to review the lesson and grammar as possible.

more over u have to read the difficult poin and make u wonder

one more point is have to be care ur health for that day

n struggle to pass it . thank.
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