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can we repeat the toefl exam if we do not get the needed score???
orelse can we repass it in the university we want to go in ??
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yes, we can write the test as many time we need...
bout re pass check wit university :-)
haha I have just done my toefl today also for the same reasons, to go to netherlands, it's unbelieveble the fact that they require you higher level of english than most of american schools.
there's more than praying and having good luck to passing the TOEFL.

you should probably put aside all your apprehension for this exam first.

then do a lot of online practices, familiarize with the question types. this will help you save time reading instructions on the actual exam.

watch more english tv shows, comedies, discovery channel blah blah blah.

read the newspaper. Grammar is usually correct there so hopefully you'll learn something..

lastly, sleep and eat well, don't procrastinate toooo much and yeah probably pray because your grammar does need some improvement no offense.
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I'll take the test in a year from now. Meanwhile, I'll be studying in a British university.. I honestly hope it helps improving my English language skills.

Thank you for your advice, very helpful indeed Emotion: wink
oh yes, I hear the same thing, my English is good enough so I can apply to a university.
BUT, I just bought a Toefel Book(Kplan) and it is damn hard. I can answer the questions pretty well but THE TIME is killing me. I m so disappointed, I thought it is not such a hard test but it is. To little time, it is like under 2 min pro question that mean you need to be very fluent in English.
I plan to exercise about 6 month and than do the test.
Right now, I m way to slowly. From 39 questions I only did 25 on reading test. I guess that is to little.
Does anybody know how many points you need to achieve to pass the exam or it depend from the university you want to apply to? I m thinking to a state university in Georgia/USA.
I only practiced the reading so far, one day, but I feel like I will not have enough 6 month to practice and then to pass the test. I feel like it is to difficult, first because of the time you get and second because all the distraction questions you get.
I would like to hear some experiences with the Toefel test, if you recently pass or not the Toefel, please feel free to let some comments.
best regards
hello as you know better that toefl is for master degree .how much persentage is important for tofel exam that a person will graduate from university?
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Anonymoustoefl is for master degree
TOEFL is used as one requirement for entry into an English-speaking university at any level.
Anonymoushow much persentage is important for tofel exam that a person will graduate from university?
No TOEFL score indicates university success; a score of 500 or 600 (depending on the university) is only a minimum requirement for admission.