hallo everybady

next week I will have TOEFL test

please advise me

how to pass the TOEFL

(( The TOEFL make my life AWFUL))

Emotion: sad
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You can start by being careful with your spelling:
hallo ---> hello
everybady ---> everybody

Also don't forget the use of the article and appropriate choice of words:
I will have TOEFL test ---> I will take the TOEFL test

Make sure your subject and verb agrees:
The TOEFL make my life AWFUL ---> TOEFL makes my life awful

Otherwise, just do your best and may you obtain a high score!!!
Sorry but I am afraid there is no "secret" advice I can offer.
How to pass the TOEFL.

Bribe the examiner.
Copy someone else's answers.
Guess the answers.

Or you could just calm down and take the thing and get it over with, and resolve to deal with it later.


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Emotion: smile
I took TOEFL for the first time when I was 18 without studying for it. I did fine.

I then spent more time listening to live English conversations before I retook the test. Difference: a whopping 30 points (and I was half asleep during the assessment).
half asleep

calm down

What did I tell you? It works!
Emotion: crying

I prepare to the test as well.

I do not live,do not sleep,do not est because of this fu... test.

I feel like I'll never pass it with a good score.

How did you study for the test? What did you do? How did you practise?

Please......advise me on this......I'm not myself lately because of all this

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I took the TOEFL test 5 different times and each time I was only 1 or 2 points below, at last I discovered that the real secret is reading, you have to practice your English and what better way than reading novels, articles, news whatever you can find J
HI , every boday

You must spend more time for studing , my advice foucs for the reading section ,becuase if your reading is good then you can andarstand what the qistion .If you andarstand the qustion then you have more than 50% for answar .

sorry man maybe somw word is rong spiling ,but you andurstand my . Iam right ?
The TOEFL has four sections: reading, speaking, listening, writing.

The best advice: study grammar! It's true that there is no grammar section, but the TOEFL tests your grammar in other ways. For example, if you don't understand the grammar in the listening or reading, you won't be able to answer the questions correctly. This really is a tricky test!

For the speaking, I recommend focusing on pronunciation, intonation, rhythm, and stress. The key is how well you are understood, not necessarily how well you speak.

For the writing, focus on essay structure and find a native speaker to correct your essays. Also, time yourself when you write an essay Here's a good website for practicing: http://www.cz-training.com/toefl/practice.html

For reading, don't just read a lot of books and newspapers in English. Always have a dictionary by your side so you can look up every word you don't completely understand. Take notes, and pay attention to the grammar. Just sitting and reading the newspaper for fun is next to useless.

For listening, find a transcript for a TV show you like. (You can get some here: http://www.twiztv.com/scripts / ) Then watch the TV show with the transcript. Make notes and pay attention to how words are linked together in English. Again, if you sit down, turn off you brain, and watch TV or listen to the radio, it's almost useless.

Hope this helps!
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