I want to buy a book named "Three Crucial Words:A, An, The" Mastering English Articles, by Alan S. Brender and having some difficulty because they seem to be out in some places/countries.

I live outside of Japan and an article I read, which is printed in June of 1998, indicated that the book can be purchased through Harcourt Brace Japan.

Please tell me how I can purchase this well-written book. Thank you.
I see what you mean-- there don't seem to be any available at the major online book stores, either new or used. Well, I can't let you have my copy, Believer, but I can tell you that I have an earlier edition called 'Three Little Words: A An The' (ISBN 4-89501-275-1). Maybe searching both titles will eventually turn up one or the other for you (I don't think there is much difference in the information included in the editions-- even though mine was published in 1989).
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Did you try searching at ebay?
search at google.