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I hope you guys are doing well, I've been lately thinking about american accent, I completely admire it, I want to reduce my accent and use an american accent, at least if not an american accent, a clear pronunciation, the big problem that I don't live in a state that it's native language is english, if I was in america, I would've catched an accent easily, I watch american films and TV-Shows everyday and I've developed myself very much but I am still not satisified with my accent, I want a clear pronunciation and an american accent, what should I do to learn the accent? I am going to learn the pronunciation of letters in an american accent, any advices will be appreciated and thanks guys in advance..
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I've noticed that music helps. If you learn your favorite american songs, maybe you can analyze the accent used. I've heard people that speak no English at all use a perfect American accent when they sing American songs.
I think you will have to purchase some audio materials which drill on the American English accent and practice repeating, repeating, repeating! Emotion: smile Such materials are probably readily available on the Internet.

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thanks a lot for your precious replies

I am Sundar here. Let me tell you something it's not hard to speak with an accent. Infact I am similar to you. I work in a call center. iam crazy about accent. Infact the onething hard about American accent is the speech Music (Intonation). Learning American grammar and replacing of certain words in the place of British words also esclates you into speaking as an American.


I think you have to learn the language ( oral part) all over again. Just like when you were a baby, you knew nothing about that language, and you started to mimic what you heard as some kind of music rather then wrods. Remember the 1st word most babies speak is "DADA" or "MAMA" ? it's so coz they are easy to catch and pronounce. Then the parents will get into teaching them how to say certain pharse like " I want to....", and everything builds up on this. Never verbal in the first place, just the sound.

So, if you want to get a real accent, you got to throw away what you have learn in your classroom and start learning the true native tone, not the tone of a second language speaker you heard in class.

btw, there are so many kinds of american accent, which one do you want? at least north or south?
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hi, im from colombia and i live in colombia ,but you know i had been looking for someone who can help me to improve my

english , because i do have a lot of flaws, and im planning to move to L.A. , so i need some help !

i dont want to sound stupid everytime a speak you know thx!!!
Hi, guys

Do you want to catch american accent? In my opinion, you should practise more and the more you practise, the more perfecter you will get. Force youself to listen american music, watch original american movies, and pronounce follow the media as much as possible.Emotion: smile
Why are you guys so anxious to pick up an American accent? Wouldn't a British one do? This is my personal opinion, of course, but I would certainly recommend a British Received Pronunciation instead of an American accent as it (RP) is a very clear accent and will this be understood in all contexts and situations. Best of luck with your pronunciation!
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