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Waiti, you mis-interpreted my use of 'narrow the focus'. It doesn't mean narrow minded, it means that the point of the post was what can be done about terrorist attacks against the Western societies, not terrorism in general. I'd wager that an Easterner would probably couch the post in terms more in keeping with his environment, ie. culture, geography, etc.

The problem with trying to discuss 'terrorism' is that everyone has his own idea of what it is. I prefer to think of it as unprovoked and wanton attacks on innocent civilians for political or ideological reasons. Within that context, I cited the more egregious episodes that occurred in the Western countries.

I don't concur that the original poster was being callous or unusually biased. I find it perfectly natural that one would be more concerned with one's own community than another half a world away.

But, returning to the original question, I doubt that there is any miracle cure that Christians can conjure up that would not be possible by others. The source is radical Islamists. When they decide it doesn't work or the downsides are too great, they'll change course. We may be in for a long wait as long as they have the support of certain governments and social elements.
I am Anon1, you have questioned who I am? I am not a religious scholar. What is my purpose in your past scripts? I only wanted to extract from your intelligent minds, the possible solutions to problems of the present conflicts of this world. But have you tried to answer the question that I have proposed? I believe that the purpose of this forum is to discuss things that bother us in this world, that somehow in our lifetime we can have a peaceful world. If we can find the threads of this conflict thru discussions in forums such as this then we may act to have solutions to these problems. But if we continue to be pessimistic in solving problems, then, how can we have even an imaginary solutions to these..? I have proposed this question because I believe CHRISTIANS CARE , if Muslims don't care what their brothers are doing which is really mind boggling such as the bombing and indirectly killing civilians maybe the Christians who are peace loving can do something about it. We should not wait for the Church to work for us, WE ARE THE CHURCH. We can make a difference if we work together.

Back to my original question, if you are not a Christian... then I rephrase my question- WHAT CAN YOU AS A CITIZEN OF THIS WORLD DO TO HELP END THESE SUICIDE BOMBINGS AND THREATS IN THE WESTERN WORLD? You may start by identifying the problem, discussing about it if it is realistic and giving solutions. That is what I want to arrive at in this forum. Because in the other forum, a statement such as 'Why do Moslems hate the Western World?' has arrived at NOTHING. Instead, it ignited the discussions of blaming who or whom and throwing stones at each other. Let us focus on the question and at least try to answer it as simple as we can. I hope to read constructive ways to try to end this conflict intellectually. Thank you for sharing your comments.
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Beemer & Anon1

I understand what you're getting at and it does make sense to me. To cut a long story short, it seems you've already reached the 'ACT LOCAL' part of the strategy, which is perfectly fine. Still, I just wanted to remind you there should also be a 'THINK GLOBAL' prerequisite.
The way I summarize it may sound a bit simplistic but I sense it truly is the cause of our misunderstanding.
At least we do agree on the strategy, though...

Now to try to set the ball rolling... One thing I find muslims are lacking is the ability and the will to adapt or modernize their faith. There are aspects of Islam that muslims do not dare questioning, although they have much more to do with the letter, and not with the spirit of their religion.
In this perspective, one thing western countries can do is to encourage religious leaders, intellectuals and philosophers from muslim origin in any attempt or effort to reconcile their faith with 'western' values such as democracy, women's equality... and so forth.
Until recently some western countries had no interest nor control whatsoever in how the local muslim clergy would organize. This led the unhealthy situations where religious leaders were indirectly although not officially appointed by foreign authorities from african/middle-east regimes that aren't always a model of democracy... Or the funding of such local islamic communities in western europe would come from countries that had obviously some interest in keeping things the way they used to be 500 yrs ago.

We, as citizens of the world, men of good will, churchgoers of whatever confession, should urge our governments (whenever they haven't done so) to encourage the emergence of local forms of islam in western countries with local funding and locally appointed clergymen talking to their christian and jewish counterparts as much as they would be talking to muslim peers from distant countries.
Waïti One thing I find muslims are lacking is the ability and the will to adapt or modernize their faith. There are aspects of Islam that muslims do not dare questioning, although they have much more to do with the letter, and not with the spirit of their religion.
I agree with you in this sense that, Muslims nowadays do not know their religion, if that's what you meant, and I think they have to start reading theirbook. However,I'd like to understand what you mean by "Modernizing their faith".?

Christians can help end terrorist attacks by carrying on with their evangelising commission from the Prince of Peace, and thus see the fruits of their ministry in the form of reformed characters and people with a real sense of citizenship and happy and holy conduct.
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I'm going to admit to knowing little about the Muslim faith but, naturally, there has been a lot of comment in the media, so I can only base what I say on that, knowing that it is a flawed source.

In the UK there does seem to be quite a division occuring among younger muslims. Some are getting quite extreme and taking on a very traditional outlook, others are trying to create a new westernised version of their religion, one that 'speaks' to young people living in the west. It seems that for many, the traditional mosque that their parents go to, is not providing what they need.

For example, there are now some younger imams who preach in English instead of Arabic, so that their followers can actually understand what they are saying. (Which seems to me to be a pretty essential part of any organisation, not just religions). I read an interview with a young muslim complaining that many mosques bring in imams from countries such as Pakistan, who do not even speak English, have no knowledge of life in the UK, and no interest in building a religion that serves the needs of those living here. Their point is that a different style of Islam can still be Islam and the leaders of Islam in the UK need to recognise that they are in a modern western country not a developing one. I think that encouraging this sort of debate and encouraging younger people to take more control over their religion would bring many rewards, including fewer 'fundamentalists' and in reducing the isolation from the mainstream of society.

Another thing I have heard many young muslims state when they are interviewed, is that they are fed up with the media, government, police etc holding consultations and working in partnership with 'community leaders' - the older imams. They quite reasonably state that they are self-appointed 'leaders' and cannot speak for the wider community, any more that a bishop speaks for or 'leads' the entire white community in the UK. I've heard several requesting that these excercises look for contact with other types of muslims, especially the younger ones and women, who are excluded from leadership roles at the mosques.
Dear nona the brit
Do you have any opinions or thaought about the original question. i.e. How can Christians help to END terrorist attacks in the Western World?
I think Muslim religion didnt adapt to modern world so did the Muslims.
They dont have to becos they didnt create it. In fact so called "modern
life" took birth in Europe and belonged to Christians. Almost all
ingredients of modern life are hated by Muslim world. They see TV, news
and everything about it as violation of their faith. So they become
even more stubborn and aggressive and jealous. I wouldnt recommend to
Muslims to go embrace modern life and be nice to West, but I would tell
Christians all over the world to Live and let others live. Since you
cant change Muslims by doing wars try doing favors. Be nice and civil,
Stop bombarding with TV broadcasts and force new life on them. Let
change come from within. Be patient. Until then treat with Love and
respect. For Ex: If you are planning to spend 2 billion in war, instead
spend one billion in kind and see what happens. Treat people as humans
first and then as Musms. Given the enviroment they grew up in and the
society, Muslims are very different from a typical western man. Muslim
man didnt come to West to attack first. If West stays out of East, East
would stay out too. Thats how its been until 70s. So if West still
wants to stay in East, it would cost something. It takes a while for
the balance in the region may be a thousand years to settle down. So
its a long process. There are no short cuts.
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