The continued threats of terrorism continue to plague the Western World. How can we as Christian believers do to help solve the problem? Should we just sit and let the government to things for us? Can we as Christ Believers learn to forgive and forget the past? Should we just condemn Muslim believers who had gone astray of their belief? Where should we start? What can each of us do?
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Salaam Mister Anon,
I think the first step would be to stop seeing the problem as a christians vs muslims confrontation. It is my opinion that what you refer to is more of a developped world vs third world confrontation. As soon as you picture it like a religion clash, then somehow them terrorists have already won... because this is exactly what they are hoping for to justify their so-called 'jihad'.
Waiti, if it's not a religious conflict, then it must be pure coincidence that every recent terrorist attack has been carried out by Muslims and every target has been non-Muslim.
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How can you claim the terrorists have won? Your argument has no logic whatsoever. They have nothing to justify a war, a religion that propagates a war is simply not a religion. In that case, I can only say Muslims are losing it.You probably say they won because you are a muslim yourself!Ha!
Beemer, if you consider the killing and bombing that has been going on in either Irak or Afghanistan, then you'll realize that far more locals than westerners have died because of these acts of terror. So it's not fair to say all the islamic terrorism is directed at christians and the western world.

Anon-Humus, I'm not saying terrorist have won, god forbids, I'm only saying that as soon as you buy into their oversimplistic childish outlook of the world (us against them, we good them bad...) then somehow they have made their point. So pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase don't go there for Christ sake (and Muhammad's sake as well, for that matter...) !!!
Misunderstandings cause conflicts, as we have just seen. Waïti states a reasonable point of view, Anon misunderstands and gets out of his pram.

Another example

An Asian man walks into a New York Currency Exchange with 2000 yen. He receives $72.00 in American currency. The following week, the same Asian man walks into the same currency exchange. He again exchanges 2000 yen. This time, he receives $66.00 in American currency. The Asian man doesn't understand why he received less money, so he asks the clerk, "Why less money when same 2000 yen"

The clerk replies, "Fluctuations." As the Asian man prepares to leave, he turns, looks at the clerk and angrily says, "Fluck you Amelicans, too!"

See what I mean......misunderstandings

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lolll @ fluck

Every war has had a definite ending. This war will be ending too someday.The question is how and when.Not just Christians or Muslims but the entire world is involved here.It's not like the Al-Quaida only aims at the man who has a 'Christian tag'. These extremists just need an excuse to conquer the whole world, they seem to be ignorant about their own religion's teachings.

We all need to help each other in ending this or any war.For example, a single religious attack one makes on another might create a big riot in an entire neighbourhood(which is happening in many countries right now). It's our job to avoid discriminations and conflicts whether we are Christians/Muslims/Buddhits or atheists. And I think one anonymous above doesn't seem to be doing his job well.

Waiti, the original post was about attacks that plague the Western World, so that narrows the focus. I agree that a good deal of butchery is taking place elsewhere that doesn't involve Westerners, India/Pakistan, Sudan, etc. but I don't think that's what the poster had in mind. If we look at what has happened in the US, UK, Spain, Indonesia, East Africa, we'll see that the targets were Western interests, either directly as in the case of the WTC, US embassies, the Underground, the train, or indirectly, as in the night clubs in Indonesia that cater to Western tourists. In every case, the instigators were Muslim, many from developed countries and privileged backgrounds.

The extremeists view it precisely as 'us against them', leaving no room for other beliefs.
Precisely my point, Beemer : this mister Anonymous #1 poster who initiated the thread does indeed have a slightly narrow-minded picturing and understanding of the problem. He focuses on how it impacts the western world and christians whereas this is as much of a plague to other people or countries like the ones you mentioned in all fairness : India, Pakistan, Sudan ; as well as Irak, Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Morrocco...

In doing so he doesn't serve the cause of peace very well, as he sets a double standard, with then the underlying assumption either that he doesn't care about how the issue affects those other countries, or that the people impacted in such countries aren't worthy of the same consideration.
With the earlier supposition (he does not care) then he is just as blinded and foolish as the guy not caring at all about the hole in the ozone layer just because it's not up his head but up somebody else's head in the far opposite end of the planet.
With the latter supposition (their lives isn't the same value as ours) then he is just oozing plain blatant racism, period.

But at this point I'd like to think of mister Anon #1 as simply a slightly biased person, and not a racist...
As for mister Anon #2 beating the drum 'Islam=religion of war' over and over again... Well it's really getting old and I find no excuse to that. If he is the least bit educated then he should know better than making such coarse generalizations. It is as offending to muslims as if I were to say 'Calvinism+Lutheranism=religion of greed+cupidity' simply because the first thing settlers did back then when spreading across north america was to appropriate land for themselves and fence it ; whereas natives used to see land as common property belonging to the whole tribe.

Most muslims would perceive terrorists as people who are ignorant of their own religion's teachings, just like Savvy said earlier. And most muslims would feel they are just as entitled to be considered victims of this terrorism as christians are. In Algeria, from the little I know, several thousands (over 100 000 dead and missing seems a widely accepted figure) were killed in the 90's during what you might call a civil war since it was a matter of algerians killing each other (then who should care ?), but which was indeed terrorism by islamic fundamentalists.
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