Hello, to express "why...", which one is right, "how come" or "how comes"? or it depends on the context?

Thank you in advance.
How come, always.
I think that you will occasionally see "How comes it that ..." instead of "How come ..." in older texts. I don't think anybody uses "How comes it that ..." much anymore these days.

How come the water is green? Usual modern English.

How comes it that the water is green? Older form not used much now.

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I think How come? or How comes it? both can be used.
No, not really. "How come?" is an idiom. You can't change it and have it sound natural.
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Im using how comes 😎 and i had a lot of argumentation but im still holding on it 💪
Well you are wrong 😊
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Agree - I’ve always said ‘how comes’ and always will!

I think that “ How comes “should be used with these subjects “ he she it “

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