How many Computers does elanguest have in their school on Malta?

Please, everyone who knows ore can help, send me a E-Mail to Email Removed

Hello, my wife and I would like to improve our English knowledge in next time.

I am active as a free editor, so I need an internet entrance. On your web page ( )
it stands that you offer one (Quotation:"free computer and internet use").
What does that means exactly in detail?
- is it free of charge to use?
- how many computers are available?
- for which period daily (how many hours) is it allow and possible for me to
use the computers?
- is your school also still opened after instruction/the lessons, so that a
computer use is possible also still after the lessons in the evening hours?
If, how long or up to which time?
- how is the approximate relationship between language students and the
available computers?

Thank you for your assistance!

Yours sincerely, Sebastian Marek

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Berlin Dahlem, the 26.09.2003
Hi Sebastian,

I've forwarded your request to the school..
(About 10-15 cafe computers which are free, and also free WIFI for all students)
Also check here: [url=" "]Elanguest language school[/url]
Great question Emotion: smile and yes, our computers are now faster and more plentiful!!