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"Hmmm....Well the flag that represents the Olympics has five Interlocking rings to represent five continents.

So the International Olympic Committee is one body I know that has decided upon five continents....... "

Unless you want the penguins competing for Antarctica, there was no other choice...
For Young Californian, when someone gives you an answer you like, that doesn't make it true. If you can't visit the library, or any of its many databases online, then ask someone whose knowledge you trust--please don't throw it out into the middle of anywhere on the internet hoping you will get an accurate response.
Huh? I have no idea what you're talking about.
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as i were taught they are 7 continents
dictionary says a continent is ORIGIN from Latin terra continens ‘continuous land’

applying this it means there is only 4 continents.

Dont believe me, then look at a world map

When it comes to answering the question of how many continents there are you will always get at least 3 different answers such as 5, 6 or. I found this out one year when I lived in Germany. In Germany they are taught 6 they consider Europe and Asia on continent called Euraisa. It is true. He in the states most people are taught 7, and last in other parts of europ such as france they are taught 5 I don't know why 5. So baiscally if you answer 5, 6, or 7 depending on where you are you answer is right.
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i think 22

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As said before, it depends. 5, 6 or 7 are all acceptable answers to me. However, I would like to give another insight about the origin of the controversy.

Continents have been historically divided and named by Europeans according to our own standards. First of all, even though we do not live in a land fully surrounded by seas or oceans, we named our continent, Europe, and established cultural borders. Thus, the rest of the world consisted on two differenciated blocks: Asia and Africa.

After several centuries, Europeans discovered two new worlds: America, a vast mass of land to the west and Australia/Oceania. Here, we did the opposite. Instead of artificially dividing geografical continents, we gave one single name to the new world found at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean even though it was actually formed by two separate blocks of land.

The Antartic Continent was also discovered. However, it was just a huge piece of ice and therefore easily disregarded as a continent in European minds.

Hence, all the fuss is definitely our (historical) fault.

Nowadays, I think that such a division in still sort of present in European minds, while not so much in those of others. I remember discussing the issue with an American teacher of mine comming to Europe from the MIT. I could accept form him that North and South America are two different continents, but treating Europe and Asia as one single continent was kind of hard to me.
I was taught that they are seven continents : Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, North America and South America. And there are other three aspects of distribution (division), that is to be six ,five and four continents as follows :
** Six contents in two ways :
A) Eurasia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, North America and South America.
B) Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica and America.
** Five continents in two ways:
A) Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America.
B) Eurasia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica and America.
** Four continents: Eurasia-Africa, Australia, Antarctica and America.
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There are 5 (five).........That's right, 5 continents. America, that is all the way from Canada to Tierra del Fuego Argentina. So that means, North America, Central America adn South America. Then there is Europe, Africa, Asia and Australian continent. Men!. How hard is for you guys to get that!!!!!!!!!!
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