In school I was taught that there are seven continents in the world: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia (or Oceania), and Antarctica. However, I recently learned than in Latin America, many of the landmasses considered to be made up of separate contintents by American academics are considered to be one whole continent. They categorize the world's continents as América (North and South America), Antártida (Antarctica), Eurafrasia (Europe, Africa, and Asia), and Australia. So, I was wondering how the world's continents were divided and categorized in other countries.
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I knew about: America, Eurasia, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Emotion: surprise

Hmmm....Well the flag that represents the Olympics has five Interlocking rings to represent five continents.

So the International Olympic Committee is one body I know that has decided upon five continents........Emotion: thinking.
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Than I was right! Emotion: big smile


Interesting, YC. I was taught there were seven continents, too. Something pushed in the States, I suppose.

Dear Californian,

I can't believe that u have been taught that there are seven continents in the world. What is this teacher.

No defenitely there are 5continents in the world but who knows, may be one day there will be six or seven continents (sorry if there're mistake, quite late while I'm writing! Emotion: embarrassed ) it seems that in history, there was only one continent???!!!
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It depends on the purpose :

Geographically, there are 4 continents ; Eurasiafrica, America, Australia, Antartica.

Sociopolitically, there are 6 continents ; Afrika, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and North America.

Sportly, There are 5 continents ; Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa.

Historically, there was only one continent ; The Gondwana Land.

Geologically, there are 7 continents ; Eurasia, Africa-southAmerica, Australia, Antartica, North America, and India.

Frankly,I have no Idea how many continents there should be.....Emotion: smile
Here's an elucidating article on the subject from Wikipedia: [link] [/link].
That's interesting, YoungCalifornian. Thanks !
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