I am French and I need to send an email to a British recruiter to tell him that I will defend my PhD in Biology very soon, but it will be behind closed doors. Is it correct ? What I mean is : I wrote my thesis and now I have to discuss it with a jury, this is what I call "defence" and "behind closed doors" means that only the members of the jury will be here. Can you help me find a better way to put it ?
And how do you call an "essay" that you have to hand in following a training period, in which you explain what your job consisted in in the company aso... ? Is it a report ?
thank you
Hi Michaela! Emotion: smile
My friend has just got his PhD and when he talked about the "defence" he simply said: 'to discuss a PhD dissertation'
Concerning the 'behind closed doors' issue: I find that it is good, but I've also heard the expression 'in closed session'
I have no clue about the 'essay' you are talking about, anyway 'report' sounds good to my non-native speaker!

I hope I helped you a little bit, anyway I advise you to wait for a native speaker!