I'm going to create a short story, but i don't know how to combine the elements and literacy devices to write it, can u help me and tell me some good ideas of writing a short story?
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start with something basic for setting use your local area or somewhere u know the details of use maximum of 2 characters always use the five senses. Only use dialogue if necessary and use a lots of descriptions
Hi Candice in Canada,

Here is something I can offer as help, though I am not a professional short story writer.

1. Writing a story is different from writing an essay. An essay has a definite beginning where the surmise of the essay is presented, then explained and finally concluded. Short story is a literary device, which does not have a definite style and that is precisely why there is so much creativity to explore in writing short story. So my first advice is that dont look for any mechanical steps to write a short story. Beleive in your imagination, pen down the story and then clean it up, so that it adds to a sensible thing and conveys the message you want to convey.

2. Determine the characters of your story. Lets say you want to write a love story or a horror story or funny story. You need to identify what all characters you want the story to be based on. Identifying characters is not a one time job. As you write and progress your story you would find that you need to add more characters and remove some of the characters you thought were essential. After having decided the characters, just pen down what ever interactions you can think of between characters. These interactions dont have to be sequential. You can arrange them in proper sequence later on.

3. Be precise. This is advice for anything that you write. Words must not be wasted. Each and every word must convey a meaning and repetetions of ideas in a verbose manner should be avoided. The more precise you are in describing your story the more condensed and beatufiul would the story be. But this is a cleaning up excercise, which has to come once you have penned down the entire story. Cleaning may reduce the story to a quarter or only by a nibble.

4. Practice, practice and practice. Well however cliched this expression may sound, there is no new 'mantra' (talisman) for being good at something. You need to practice with perserverence and enthusiasm. If you loose any one of those, you will not succeed so very effulgently. And then share your stories here on this forum. Infact my latest resolution was to write short stories and publish them on this forum to get feedback from so many learned people who visit this forum.

I would wait to read your stories!

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I was wondering if anybody would mind reading the begining of my short biography and correct it .

how can i write a good biography?

I was born in a small village. It have been placed in the beautiful apricot garden therefore everyone calls it Pazardaloo.It was quite, visible, remote and had very kindly people. It seemed they are in the one family. I had very small world in my mind during childhood and my life in the village .I taught the farthest point in the world is the peak of small mountain near our village. I wished one day I could go there.

I taught the fortune man is someone who knows farming, gardening, swimming and other villager activities .As I was growing, my expectations were growing too. In our small school I wished I became the best student and fortunately I did. One day my teacher said me that I should go to the city and take apart in the big educational competition .I did and incredibly I won. I had been the first in the many smart students. It was turning point in my life because I discovered there are many things in the word that I don’t have but I could have………
a good short story involves 3 things exposition, development and drama( this will lead too a plot, and all the necessitys to a good short story)
just think of settings and people and start planning then when you think your ready just start whritting. and if you think you dont like you planning dont through it away just start again and u might be able to get tips of that. its wat i did on my storys.
( I hope that helped ) if you want more info il be on tomoz goz iv got to go now. Email Removed">
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it need more cosmetics so as to impress the reader
your first paragraph needs to hook the reader making them want to read on im sorry but i was not hooked
you also need to work on the way the words are assembled as some of it does not make sense okay ?
hey man that was a nice and good advice over there,I think after going through it ma perception of writing has change and I must say you've motivated me with it.At some point in time I wanted to give up on story writing espcially movie,but after reading ya advice I think ma spirit has been rekindled.And,I'm going back to ma stories and put them together and I will get back to you as soon as posible.once again thanks for the advice.Samuel.
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