Something is bothering me: I am going to take an English course (it's required for all the students that chose English as seconde language course)from a quite unfriendly teacher. I have had a course given by her last year, and that became almost a nightmare: 1. having missed a class of two(including one time that I have informed her beforehand), she came to me and said I didn't have to come again because that's the maximum number of class I might be missing. She got mad when I pointed out that on the regulation the number was 3 and said to me "anyway you won't pass..."

2. I was quite nervous one time when giving a presentation about something that I was that sure about, after that she came to me and said: wel, I don't konw if you are capable enough to follow this course, I have heard by the way your groupmates complaining about working with you, I think your English is really poor." That was really painful and mean, because I had very good contact with the group members, especially one girl (we were 4 people together) was always very kind to me. If they had any complaint, I believe they would tell me and try to give a hand, we work always together. But I was not so lost at that moment and forgot even asking why she is being that to a student? I suppose a teacher is someone you could always turn for help and rely on.

In the end I didnot pass the course of course, although I have tried. I was from then on being a kind doubt about myself, though I had very good marks from another English course which was even in a higher level.

Now I would probably again be picked up and told coldly: you are not good!

I want to stay cool this time and prove that I am good, but still I feel like that I need some encouragements. That's why I wrote this here.


This sounds like a nasty situation for you. Can you talk to the Head of Department and ask for a transfer into another class?
I feel very sorry for you, Beverly. The teacher sounds very immature.

I'm sure there'll be some other students who feel the same like you....

I agree with Nona. Do you think it's possible for you to move to another class?
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AnonymousI I feel like that I need some encouragements. That's why I wrote this here.


Of course you have my encouragements! If someone ever tells you that you aren't good at something but you think you are, that can only mean he/she isn't worth listening.

Never give up Beverly, fight back the unjustices!

Dear Beverly,

I am not an English expert, (far from it, I too suck at writing and am a terrible speller and it is my first and only language!) but if I were to judge you by your letter and the writing skills demonstrated there....Well I'm sorry to say but you are not writing at a level that one would find in college. On the contrairy, I would judge that you are writing at a 7th grade level. And If I were you, I would use this "critizism" to empower myself to LEARN, LEARN, LEARN! From the errors that you have displayed in your writing, I can tell by reading it that English is not your first language. You are improperly using the (COLON:) in your writing, and just look at how F---ked up the paragraph that starts with "In the end" is. Not to mention the run on sentences and punction errors and and the use of words as singular verses plural, and the sentence structure itself the arrangement of nouns and verbs and the placement of the subject of the sentence. A good writer is a good writer wether they are writing in their native tounge or in their adopted language, If you learn the rules of the language and follow thoes rules then you will be a good writer. I know many people that speak English as a scond language and can spell and write much better than I! (much to my shame) but sometimes the people that are brutally honest with us are actually doing us a favor and that is telling it like it is! And yes, I agree with your English you suck at writing....NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! LEARN THE RULES!

Slightly unkind of you Brady. Of course her English is not yet perfect; that is why she visits this forum.

Yours could do with a bit of work as well.
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Hey Beverly,

Don't let yourself down just because that particualr *** 's behavior was rude or whatever.

Remember 'practice makes man perfect' and it rules. Well, you should do as Nona told but it's not going to end. That particular chic will remain always same to the students who are poor ( even though they are not, it might be she doesn't like you, or your looks, this kind of thing goes on ). Just don't pay the shit to her and make the complaints against that teacher for harashment and make her apologize. She just deserves it because she has got no morality of a teacher.

Believe you were good, you are good and you truely can do good. Believe in yourself and see there's the brightest of everything waiting for you.

Here's something for you ...

Im not sure what it is about English teachers in general, but I can honestly say I have never gotten along with any English professor I've had in the past. I feel like it may be their demeanor towards everything, I mean all my teachers have been such greenpeace fanatics that they are hard to even be around, but dont get me wrong, I love writing and have produced some excellent papers but I just can't get over the fact that I hate english teachers so much. And Im all for greenpeace or whatever but I hate when teachers or anybody for that matter throw up their extreme liberal anti everything that could be harmful bullshit on me, and criticize me for not following them, i just want to puch them in the back of the head, and the problem is that every person i know like this seems to be my english teacher. Anybody else?