How do i unsubscribe from this site. I want to leave and stop receiving e-mails from here. Please help? Who are the moderators and how come they dont answer you when you ask em questions? I would appreciate the help!

Go to your Profile, delete all the information, and for good measure, indicate 'No' to the Email Options. That should do it.
Hi Mister M.,

Do you mind if I ask you something? What is the meaning of the picture that you use as your avatar?

Thanks in advance,

Best ragards,

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I just googled images for 'guru' when I ascended to this position, Dj, and that was the one I liked best. Here's the text that was associated with the photo; if you could translate it, I would be much obliged:


Olipa kysymys mikä tahansa, Oraakkeligurumme antaa sinulle sen ainoan oikean vastauksen! Oraakkeli tietää kaiken!

Lähetä viesti SORAAKKELI kysymyksesi numeroon 17231

(esim. SORAAKKELI Rakastaako Timo minua oikeasti? tai SORAAKKELI Onko minulla mahdollisuuksia työpaikan suhteen? tai SORAAKKELI Mistä minä löydän elämäni naisen? )

ja saat vastauksen kysymykseesi Oraakkelilta!

Viestin hinta 0,65 € / haku veloitetaan matkapuhelinlaskussasi.
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Oh I see Emotion: smile I wish I knew this language,I even don't know which lang. is it Emotion: big smile