I have found myself being pulled to teach ESL. I have started to research it all and I am getting mind boggled with all the information. I am 4 classes away from completeting a Masters in
Business Admn. and would like to teach ESL. How do I get started? What kind of teaching certificated do I need? Can someone please help me to sort through all this information to get to where I want to be?

Thank you in advance for any information and help given.

There are (in my opinion, anyway!) two reasons to pursue a teacher training certificate: 1) teaching ability and; 2) employability. I think you'll find that in many countries your Master's degree will go along way towards getting you a job. That leaves teaching ability. While teaching conversational English is not rocket science, I would caution against taking it for granted. In most countries students pay quite dearly to study with native-speaking "teachers" and deserve the best you can offer. What that entails varies from person to person. People with extensive in-class teaching experience in other disciplines can often read a few key books and hit the ground running in the ESL/EFL classroom, their existing skill-sets and experience being quite easily adapted to communicative language teaching. Those with little or no classroom experience would likely benefit from a course that includes supervised practise teaching. Everyone is different!

To "sort through all the information" you have to sort out exactly what you want to do (teach kids, adults, business English), where you want to do it and for how long. You can then begin to narrow the scope of your research and the information you need to digest.
First take a look at where you want to teach. Locally or in another country? Then look at the qualifications required. At the bottom end of the scale you'll need a degree and a certificate. (You can get jobs without these but they're generally right at the bottom of the scale.)

If you just want to get your feet under the table don't bother spending thousands on an intensive certificate course, an online or short course will serve just as well.

If you're adventurous then pack your bag and head off, if you're a little unsure then talk to an agent who will get you a job (and they charge the school, not you).

Hope this helps, but for more see here: http://free-esl.com/teachers/tfaq/default.asp

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