Is it correct to say:

"Put as much honey as right for your/enough to your taste?"
Or, should I say it in this fashion, "Put as much honey as you think is enough for you.?"

Please help me. I don't know how to exactly describe this situation.. Thanks!
Can you describe the situation? Is it a recipe?

put should be changed to 'put in' or 'add'.

Here's my suggestion: Add honey according to your taste.
Thanks a lot... Actually, my student was asking me to make some honey tea. And she wanted to tell me to mix hot water and an amount of honey that suits my taste. (You know, since people have different tastes and tolerance). And she asked me how she could say it properly.. Now I know.. Thanks a lot OMG!

By the way, were the sentences previously cited wrong? Or do they make sense?

Thanks again!
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Use/Add as much honey as you like.
Thanks guys for the help! Such a big help!
I like Jim's suggestion for making a single cup of tea, but a common recipe term is "Add salt and pepper to taste." For me, that's lots of pepper, but hardly any salt.
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Or simply "Correct the seasoning".
Grammar GeekFor me, that's lots of pepper,
Why did we already know that? Emotion: wink