In western culture, especially in North America, people hug each other some times and shake hands or just say hello other times when they meet up. My question is in what situation I should do each of them? Thanks!
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FraserpanIn western culture, especially in North America, people hug each other some times and shake hands or just say hello other times when they meet up. My question is in what situation I should do each of them? Thanks!
If you're are not sure how to greet someone, I think it is best to do least! Say hello in a polite and friendly way, but don't hug someone who you aren't sure wants to be hugged. Hugs usually are reserved for family members and close friends. Some people don't like to hug or be hugged in public.

Handshakes are very common when people introduce themselves or are introduced by someone else. Some people like to shake hands when they meet acquaintances or friends, but other people prefer verbal greetings without the handshake. In general, I think women are less fond of handshakes than men are. (I could be wrong about this.) You can watch and try to take your cue from the person you're with. If you know someone fairly well, you can ask his or her opinion on how he/she likes to greet people and to be greeted.
I read, that some Asian people don't like to hug or even never hug each other! But I only read that, so an Asian has to say if I am right or not!^^
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Hi every body

my friend I know that if I want to greet someone who is not my friend or I met him for the first time I can just say hi or any verbal greeting, but if this person will my partner at work or I have to do business with him or something special it is good to shake hands. but with my family and close friends hugs are nice and mean good relationships.

but here in Saudi Arabia we do not hug each other unless between the man and his wife or kids, sometimes brothers and sisters do. also a strange man do not shake hands with a strange women, sometime shake hands with my aunts but not with my aunts' daughters.

thank you.

so what about you in your country?
Hi, I have been in Canada already 6 yeras, but I cannot understand why some people do not greet each other even if they had spoken before? I study at University and see that angophones sometimes just pass by and even do not notice you even though we met each other and had conversation! In Europe it would be considerd veru impolite.
Chinese,especially in the south, like to say something like 'Have you had your meal/lunch?' or 'Where are you go?'as verbal greeting.But I know the westerns do not like this.They do not like answering such private questions(may not be true).
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well, that's so good...

i was in KSA , and as punisher said...

Now in Egypt, in my college, the girls shake hands and kissing cheeks although i see them EVERY DAY !!

i don't like that, there's no need especially at our weather !

i told them, and who knows me trying not to do that with me..

one time i've had a funny situation but thanks God no one noticed it ! after while of doing this custom, i was in meeting with friends, Girls & Boys, i shake hands and kissed girls, then i was about to do the same with boys !! i always greet boys verbal..

after this i kept keenness not to kiss any one except if there's a celebration or something..

Nice Topic : )
definetly bro asia culture is bounded to its limitations
Well, in Iran, there are many different types of greetings!
Let's start with religious(Muslim) and nonreligious groups of people. A religious man and woman would never touch eachother when they meet unless they are really close relatives (father and daughter for example). I even had a friend whose father hadn't kissed or hugged her since she had grown up.
Even among nonreligous people, it's not common for a man to hug a woman who's not his close relative( and vice versa). They usually shake hands as a way of greeting eachother.

When two men meet, they often shake hands, then put their hands on the other man's shoulder or arm and kiss eachother on the cheek. Hugs are not common.
Women usually hug and kiss eachother on the cheeks if they know one another very well.
If either men or women don't know eachother very well, they just shake hands and the "How are u?-fine, thanks" story goes on. Add a smile and it would look perfect.
Now! The most exciting part is when two women meet in rural areas!
Tight hugs, juicy loud kisses on both cheeks three of four times!
Though this might not always happen, but there is always a chance of experiencing it.
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