how do you call a student who is working on his phd thesis?
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Hi, Antonia! Emotion: smile

What are you working on now?

It's the same text on required reading. At least I got some money for it:)

But, I started today with Burns and their Treatment. (medicine). It's for my thesis, just a translation exercise, like negotiation.

Uzdravlje! (Cheers in Croatian)
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Research student?

A doctoral candidate?

Hmm.. I'm not sure, but thank you very much on your suggestions. I'll go and look up what a doctoral candidate and research student do...
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Antonia -- we would usually say "what do you call....," not "how do you call...".

(When I see a question that begins "how do you call a person who..." I usually want to say "on the telephone.")
Dear Antonia,

I have heard «PhD student». It is a kind of «postgraduate» also.

With best wishes, Emotion: smile

Thank you all for your suggestions!

p.s. Ok, What do you call...What do you call... I have to repeat it several times to remember it. Thank you!!Emotion: smile
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