As I'm a girl who lives in Siberia, I would really like to know what people from other countries think about Siberia. I've traveled quite a lot, been to Europe and America, and was extremely surprised to know how people usually imagine Siberia! Somebody was sure we have bears walking in the streets, or live in huts made of snow....Others believed that all the territory is covered with snow all the year round....So what do YOU think about Siberia? Just curious!:)
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Hi Natasha,
I associate Siberia with the exile of Poles and Russians throughout the centuries, working camps (lagrs?), suffering of many people, etc.
I think it gets veeery cold in winter (like -50 - -60C degrees).
It's huge and sparsely inhabited. And it's tundra there.
Although every single Pole knows where it is, I'm afraid we don't know how it is like nowadays. I'd be glad to learn more.

And by the way, they think we have polar bears in Poland, too...
hmm...i don't know so much about sibir, i imagine a very cold place, oil, trial who move from one place to other Emotion: smile
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coniferous forests
Siberian labour camp
Trans-Siberian Railway
Some photos of small Siberian towns:

Thank you for the pictures, Glorius. The buildings are large and modern. It's a beautiful city but I see few people in the photos. That convey a bit strange image of unfamilliar sight to me. To the eye of a Japanese who is used to being in crams, it looks like a ghost town. (Sorry, it's your hometown?)
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I though Siberia was all year cover of snow ....can u describe Siberia, and the people?

things about the culture, food...way of live.....
Well, of course Siberia is a cold place, but it covers a huge territory from north to south, and from west to east, so the temperatures vary greatly as well. In the far north it's extremely cold, I guess, I've never been there though... I live in the south-east of Siberia and we have snow only in winter, also in November and March. But summers here are always hot and sunny - about +25+30'C and the temperature can rise even higher sometimes.

I think, people here are like the rest of the Russians. In the far north there are some national minorities, whose lifestyle differs a lot, but it's rather an exception...

Talking about food...well, maybe it's hard to believe but we eat and drink the same stuff as you Americans and Europeans do:) I've been to the States and can say there aren't many specialities...I don't take into account national Russian dishes - pelmeni, borsch, pirozhki...Emotion: smile

Well, if you have any questions feel free to ask!!
We know Siberia has the reputation for cold weather.

But what about permafrost ? Where the ground is frozen.

In summer how much of Siberia has permafrost ?
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