In the sentence "I'm gonna call you ASAP".

How do you pronounce "ASAP"?

Like [ 'esep ] or [ 'ei 'es 'ei 'pi: ] ?
Pronounce each letter individually: [ 'ei 'es 'ei 'pi: ]
I usually hear it said A (rhymes with "hay") - sap (like the stuff that runs in trees).
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I hear it used both as an acronym and with each letter pronounced individually.
People should be aware tht "sap" is a sort of old-fashioned, mild insult meaning "a dope, a stupid person," so if you say "call me A SAP," some joker is likely to respond "Okay, you're a sap!"
There is a commercial software package named SAP, which I believe is from IBM. The folks who work with it always remind the rest of us to say ES EI PEE, not SAP. Now I know why!

But as far as ASAP, I haven't met anyone who gets upset if I say Ei Sap.
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Take a listen to Bardot’s hit ASAP. I once recommended it to my class just to teach them how to pronounce it.