I often pronounce it as cray-un (u rhymes a in about).
Is that right?

I become uncertain, because I heard it pronounced as "cray-on" (the same on in "on the table").

Is that American or British way?

Thank you.


According to wikipedia:

A crayon (ˈkreɪ.ɒn/, /ˈkreɪ.ən/, or US /ˈkræn/)

According to dictionary.com:

Cray.on [krey-on, -uhn]

Thank you.
I would like to know how the people in your region (for example, California ) pronounce it.
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I can only speak in what regards of what we learn in Portugal.
We learn on pronouncing as [krey-on].
Hi Stephenlearner.Just look herehttp://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/crayon

There are several variations in its pronunciation depending on region and/or country.

Here are two dictionaries that have audio pronunciation guides (just click on the speaker icon):


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Thank all of you very much.