I was reading the "Feynman Lectures on Physics", and I was wondering how that name is pronounced. I usually say it "faneman", that is, as it would be pronounced in Spanish (phonetically, as it's written). But that seldom works! Emotion: stick out tongue

I say it as 'fine-man'.

Actually, it's more like "FINE-mun" (accent on the first syllable). The vowel in the second syllable is more like a schwa sound.

Feynman was an amazing man, wasn't he?
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Thanks to both of you! I suspected I wasn't saying it right...

And yes, he was amazing. I've recently got a copy of his complete Lectures on Physics, so I'm right in one of my "Feynman periods" Emotion: smile.
Here's my favorite Feynman quote -- when asked if about the practical applications of studying physics, he would sometimes say, "Well, it's kind of like sex. It has practical applications, but that's not usually why we do it."

He also said "Physics is to math what sex is to masturbation".

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I hadn't heard that one! I'll have to send it on to my daughter -- she's majoring in physics.