If someone shows you an ID card with name Mila, how do you pronounce it? [mila] or [maila]?

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If she was Spanish, you'd pronounce it ['mila].
I'd say [mila] because it's more or less the way I'd say it in Italian. And in English? I dunno! I really don't know! There are no rules to pronounce words in English, so if I had to read "Mila" I'd probably say either "mil-uh", "mil-ah", "me-luh", "me-lah", "my-luh", or "my-lah". Wanna know the first that would come to my mind? Probably "mil-uh"...

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Most English speakers would say it /[email protected]/. Most likely whatever language it comes from, it would probably be pronounced /mila/.
My name is Mila ; )

It's pronounced Mi-la (not myla nor m'la).. Its root is Slavic and it means a dear one, loved by the people. It's used frequently as an epithet, i.e. mila mamma, or simply 'mila' when you call your lover or dear one. 

Hope this helped. ; )
My name is Mila, pronounce it... Meelah
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You'd pronounce it Mila like do re MI fa so LA ti do.....Mila..I know this cos my name is Mila XD
Hi,my daughter is called mila,pronounced myla.I am english
We named our daughter Mila also and it is pronouned My-la. We are also English.
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