How do you say "Altamont"? I heard some pronunciations online which weren't clear. Thank you for the help


Thank you, CJ.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to decipher the pronunciation you gave. My pronunciation guide doesn't use those symbols.

Please let me know if I should use some more extensive guide. Thanks.

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CalifJim is using the phonetic alphabet, a standard and universal way of expressing pronounciations without having to try and work it out by a certain language's rules (or lack thereof ;D). Check out a full list here, along with easy english examples of how to pronounce each symbol:


This one is more detailed for vowels.


I think Altamont should actually look like this:


Take a look at the websites and work it out from there Emotion: smile Unfortunately, although it looks complicated and confusing, this is the only fool-proof way to exactly express a pronounciation through writing.
I don't know how they say in other parts of the world, but when I lived near Altamont, NY, it was

Alt (ryhmes with "halt") as the stressed syllable, uh-mont, which rhymes with "want."
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The Altamont in 'the Altamont Pass' in California can also be pronounced that way, but it seems to me that most locals use the rhyme with 'pal' or 'gal' for the first syllable.

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Thanks a lot, everyone.