We don't know any of our mods... How do you see them?
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Maybe it is a complete silly question, but what is a mod??? Emotion: embarrassed
maybe she means moderator??? i am not sure but even if she meant so it is already written in the opening page of EF.
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Mod(s) = Moder(s) = Moderator(s) Emotion: geeked

Wistiti, as Janissary said, you can see the list of moderators at the top of the EF main page. Or, if you're reading threads, you can distinguish mods by the Yin-Yang symbol shown under a username.
Oh, so sorry! I didn't express myself very clearly Emotion: sad

Yes, I mean mod(erators), and I know how to spot them, but my question was: "how do you visualize them"? "What do you think they look like?"

We don't have any pics of them, have we?
"What do you think they look like?"

I think they look like humans. [h] Emotion: wink
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Oh, Ruslana I should congratulate you.You are promoted as far as I can see Emotion: smile. Congratulations.

Meanwhile you were going to put your photo to EF. Werent you? Maybe after your cue some of our moderators will send their photos , as well.
Yes, a few days ago I was promoted. [a] Thanks. Emotion: smile

Go to the Chat Page Forum, there is a kind of my picture. And there are also photos of moderators of that page. Emotion: wink
I see you as a very pretty young woman... Long hair, green eyes...

Am I wrong?
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