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Oooo ooooo ... can I add one please?

High tide sleeper
Falls asleep at high tide and wakes up later feeling high and dry, and on his side - helpless.
Don't laugh, this really happened to me! It may happen to you too if you're not careful!
Lol lol lol Emotion: big smile

Hi Billie the ....... BAC,
Please tell me .....Which one is worse? ...high tide sleeper or low tide sleeper?

Hi eagle,
Ah... you're right! Actually the guy who sat next to me looked amused..... when he left the room after the exam!!
Probably he might have enjoyed telling the story to his girlfriend ....talking over a bottle of wine.
(But I wish he had woken me up!!)

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Hi All,
By mention of the word exam, I remember a funny incident.
I had a classmate who was not good at studies but was really weird with the way he approached everything in life.
We had to write a letter in exam, and when the results came the teacher asked him to come to the front of the class and showed the letter he had written.
All he wrote was something like this.

Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter to apply for the job.
I , . , . , .

, .
Yours sincerely

And when the teacher asked him what this was? He said " I was running out of time , so I thougt I will put commas and full stops in places and try the next question first. Later I could not return to complete this letter"

And the teacher burst in to laughter , so did we.