Covering from Head to toe. You may appear real macho in public, but deep down inside you are shy and weak. You tend to keep loads of secrets. If you encounter any problem, you will rather keep it to yourself and agonise over it than ask for help. No wonder you grimace in your sleep.

2)Back sleeper with Arms crossed to support The head.
You are highly intelligent and enthusiastic to learn. yet sometimes you are filled with cranky ideas which people find hard to follow. You take good care of your family, but the problem is you hardly love anybody. A little bit choosy, huh?

3)Home Alone
Back sleeper with legs crossed
Anyone who sleeps cross-legged is said to be self-obsessed and finds difficulty in accepting changes. Solitude is your priority. Yet , your redeeming quality is your threshold for tolerance.

4)Unknown cuddled up:
You feel lonely and depressed because you are obsessed with your past failures and set backs. You are hesitant and indecisive, giving others an impression thatLove has been missing in your life.

5)Side sleeper, curling up:
Selfish, jealous and vindicative are words that describe you. People around you got to be careful not to step on your toes as you are easily irritated!

6) Side sleeper with one knee bended:
you are inclined to be fussy, always whining and complaining. Nervousness is probably your second name. You tense up easily and get overly excited over small matters. Life isn't such a big deal. Learn to relax.

7)Side sleeper lying on one arm:
Contrary to the previous one(curling up), you are gentle, polite, sincere and loving. Well, nothing is perfect. Build up your self confidence and learn to accept mistakes or perfection. Happines will come your way.

8)Side sleeper lying on one side:
This posture indicates that you are a confident person. You will see success in whatever you undertake, owing to your unrelentless endeavour. People who sleep on their right side with their right arm stretching over their head and lying on the right side are said to be blessed with power and fortune.

9)Back sleeper with arms and legs spread out:
What a liberty loving-soul! This posture reveals your true identity. Confort lover and beauty-worshiper, you are also a real spend thrift(but luckily you earn just as much). Your other undesirable traitis that you are a bit nosy and seem to enjoy gossiping. Well, who did you mention in your tales?

10)Tummy sleeper sleeping on the stomach
If you sleep face down all night, you are likely to be narrow minded. You are probably self-centered and always force people to comply with your own needs. you are also likely to be reckless and desultory. time to change sleep posture.
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Hi Eagle,

Mind if I add one?

11)English exam sleeper head down on desk
Likely to have bruises in vicinity of impacts from examinor projected missile impacts, or have puncture wounds on forehead caused by upturned ballpoint pen at time of nodding. Extreme cases may be one-eyed - also caused by ballpoint injuries.
Mike in Japan,
That was the best reply I have ever got.
Every time i will go through it , you will notice a faint smile on my face, no matter in what mood I might be .
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Emotion: embarrassedI'm the one who fell asleep in the middle of English examination. (..... twice.)

No ballpoint pen injuries, though. Emotion: wink
Shhhhhhh Emotion: smile
(and still came through with a great score!)
Truth, well except the ballpoints and missiles, really is funnier than fiction, ne?
you might not have had the injuries, but did you check the person sitting right next to you. He might have a story to tell. LOL
And Mike do you have any more interesting Truths?
Emotion: smile
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What does it mean when you sleep with your feet out of the blanket? I mean , always?
Either the blanket is small or you have long legs.
Bye the way do you have good long legs?
neither one Emotion: sad
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