Most of the times I end up just watching a movie or shopping for groceries. I try to pamper myself with an afternoon nap which makes me feel rather lazy. Cooking something special or trying out a new recipe is a lot of fun too (only if it turns out good, of course)!Emotion: wink
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Since I have a limited time due to the tests waitin to be solved I rarely go out (especially go shoppin)..But next year,after taking the university exam I ' ll do anything I am able to

Emotion: star
I work every saturday the afternoon I go shopping and I play flute. Saturday night I go out with friends; sometimes we go to eat Pizza, or to watch a movie, or in a place where we can chat and drink chocolate or listen good live music. Emotion: smile Cheers!
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I like hanging out with friends, going to the cinema and going to play bowling... Emotion: big smile

Mmm I tend to knock around with friends at some classy and smoky club and enjoy some palatable beer. I prefer snooker to bowling though I've lately taken to playing bowling. How many scores do you make Yohf?
Good day!

I go to shopping with Justine and Aurélia, but i work in the saturday night Emotion: sad then the sunday i go to the messe with Justine and Aurélia, then we go and search mushrooms, and we eat them and we have a cute afternoon!
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Hello threepod!

So are all your weekends 'mushroomy'? Don't Justine and Aurelia eat Emotion: pizza and wash it down with some ?
I don't think they are allowed to drink beer or eat even a slice of pizza Benita.

Ooh yes, they drink beer, and i oslo, but they prefer the calvados... Is difficult at find in Magda's, but we oslo have rhum that leaves from Billie...
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