How do you stick to your plans? I am drawing up a plan that will lead me to my goal, provided that I fervently believe in it and vigorously stick to it. I know that it requires a lot of motivation to follow your plans but what else do you do to help you stick to your plans?

I'm looking forward to your inputs.Emotion: smile

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Oh, I'm awful at sticking to my original plans. Normally I postpone the thing I need to do as much as possible, no matter how fervently I've decided to do it this time. Take exams, for example. I should actually be reading for the exams as I speak but instead I'm just surfing on the Net. I deceive myself by saying that 'tomorrow I'll study twice as hard'. Well, needless to say, that is the very thing I will say tomorrow as well. As a result, I'm extremely stressed few days before the exams because I haven't done the things I planned. This has been a perennial problem for me and there's no light at the end of the tunnel.
Thank you for your input, Zerox. I'll watch out when I start putting things offEmotion: smile. By the way, there is always light at the end of any tunnel if you think about it. It seems that you have identified the obstacle that is preventing you from sticking to your plans. That is really half the battle won.

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I wonder how other people stick to their plans. It is really interesting to know what different approaches people take to achieve the same thing.

I never make up strict plans.
While setting a goal I always bear in mind that there may be some obstacles on the way. 
So on the one had I never rush at decisions but on the other hand I try to achieve the goal as soon as possible. 
At the same time I don't feel the pressure of time
Hello everybody, I think in order to stick to your plans one should make goal as realistic as possible and make it especially as a habit, because I don't think it's a matter of lack of time which we usually take as an excuse, but if we make vow to spend even five minutes a day, I'm sure it'll make a huge difference provided that we should be a little bit more patient.

It' s a piece of advice that I'm following myself from time to time; I mean we sometimes face some obstacles or feel depressed but we should know how to recover and keep up our spirits

There is a saying : "Life doesn't give victory except to those who fight against her"
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I don't simply plan anything. Life is easier in this way.
It only seems so!
Many times we feel like run out of time. We feel that there are not enough hours in the day. It could happen because we do not have well organized our time. A good way to deal is make a schedule of the main activities. Then once you have your days scheduled, you need to apply discipline and stick to what you planned. Another fact is focus on what is really important for your life. For instance, your goals, your studies, jobs, and so on. And finally, you must be consistent and able to complete what you propose to your self. To sum up, if you follow this commands your time and plans will be more efficient. And I think that your problems with your plans will be solving it.

Nelson Bustos Mendoza
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