When I want to ask somebody about his/her opinion I should say: What do you think? (instead of: How do you think?)

However on the other hand it's correct to say: How do you think it went?

It's strange to me!
"How do you think?" doesn't work as a stand-alone expression. Use "What do you think?"

You could ask about the process. "How does one think?"

Yes, "How do you think it went?" is fine, as is "What do you think you're doing?," or "What do you think we should do?"

I've heard, "How are you thinking on / about this?" (similar to "What's your thinking on this?")

- A.
NewguestIt's strange to me!
Hmmm. It shouldn't be.
You think something. (what) You think that it's good. You think that it's bad.
What? That it's good.
You think it went in some manner. (how) You think that it went well. You think that it went badly.
How? Well.
In the first case you give your opinion -- in general. what is the object of the sentence.

In the second case you give you opinion about the manner in which "it went". how is an adverb modifying went.

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