When you ask about somebody's appearance, you say
1. What does he look like?
- so I thought. But someone on a forum has told me that (in the USA) people often use
2. How does he look like?
It looks like that person is staying in the USA. Also, I did a Google search (although I know it is not the ultimate grammar expert) and there were quite a lot of examples like that.
Please tell me whether 'How does he look like?' is:
- used (even if considered non-standard),
- considered correct.

Best wishes
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I think the easiest way to remember it is this:

Use what with look like.
Use how with look.

Don't use what with look. Add like.
Don't use how with look like.

What does [it / he / she] look like?
How does [it / he / she] look?

What does [it / he / she] look? Wrong. It should be look like.
How does [it / he / she] look like?

A native English speaker would never say "how does he look like". You say either "What does he look like?" or "How does he look?"
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Actually, I have heard this from native english speaking North Americans when they are asking for opinions.

For example: "How does he look?" "He looks just fine."
Thanks a lot for your help!!
Thank you. Your explanation helped me in one of my grammar assignments too.

(Kerala, India)
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Dear CalifJim,
How about look alike? I mean what kind of grammatical term is "alike"?and what have to come after it?

CalifJimLet's say that in all my life I've never heard a native speaker say, "How does he look like?". I realize that answers your question, but I'd like to add a little something here: I have heard it a great deal from non-native speakers, but that is sometimes due to literal translations from their native languages. Here's a possible example. My Spanish isn't great, but I believe that "Como parece?" might be the Spanish for it. The Spanish speaker learns that "como" is "how" and "parece" is "resemble" or "look like". This leads to the incorrect "How does it look like?" If Spanish had "A que parece?", maybe the mistake would be less frequent, because it could be translated as "Like what he looks" which could be easily transformed to "What does he look like?" Spanish speakers, please adjust this speculation to something more accurate, if possible! Thanks!
That's exactly what I think.....
Egnlish is English itself ! but to other people just like me,koreans,think that way when they speake,write,etc.
I get stressed while translating.
Native English speakers would say "How does he look?"
You would never hear a native English speaker use the word like at the end.
Hope this helps Emotion: smile
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Wonder is pretty good