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what if theEmotion: catgot a parachute and land on its back ,tied with a toast, in a pool of milk!! what a Heaven!
Because of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, there will always be an infinitesimal torque on the cat as it falls. As the cat/toast system nears the asymptotic limit of colliding with another body, its linear speed at the cat/air interface approaches the speed of light because the paradox of either the cat's back or the dry side of the toast touching the other body cannot be resolved at finite speed. This rips the fabric of space-time, propagating a dimensional phase seperation to a lower vacuum energy and destroys the universe as we know it.

Ask a grown-up to help you with this experiment.
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Wow! That sounds nice, Chameleon! Indeed, the model seems apocalyptical because of the simplicity of the model.

Don't you think that including air into the model can help us to avoid that singularity at the collision moment? I suppose that heating by friction at the cat/air surface can destroy the system before the linear velocity of rotating surface reaches the speed of light.

Accounting for specific properties of the components may help as well: as the temperature of the system rises due to friction with air, the butter may melt and get distributed homogeneously over the toast and the cat. It will relieve the toast from the butter and, hence, the system - from the Buttered Toast Restriction, and the cat will land on paws.
Of course! It's so obvious now! I agree that maximizing the entropy of the butter across the cat/toast system will result in the cat landing on his feet. That is, if he doesn't slip.
Wow, I am impressed Bubr. I will finally be able to sleep peacely after all of this time now that I know that the cat will land on its feet. It was so simple after all.
Would the butter melt and start dripping on the cat and then with further heat from the friction reach boiling point and cause serious damage to the cat?
I ask so that I can try the experiment and I don't want the SPCA to come and start causing problems.
Does it matter that I'd like to try the experiment from the window of our apartment which happens to be on the 21st floor? Will the cat still land on its feet?
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I don't know about "on" it's feet. Maybe "in" its feet... hehe
I built a simple model describing the cat heating due to rotation as it falls. See

To find out what will happen if you try an experiment at the 21-st floor, we need to get values for all the constants there. I can give estimates for the moment of inertia I, thermal capacity C and heating constant Alpha. But I have no idea about the severity of the Toast/Cat Falling law (which is measured by A(toast) and AEmotion: cat constants). To get them, some measurements are needed.

Can you help with them, WW? All you need to do is throw cats and buttered toasts (separately!) from different heights and with different initial inclination to the horizon. Say, throw a toast with butter up and find out the height needed to make it turn exactly 180 degrees and land on the butter. Which is the height enabling the cat thrown feet up to land feet down making exactly 1 turn?

Chameleon, what do you think about the model? The weakest point is equation (2). I assumed that dependence of the torque on the angle of toast/cat relative to the horison is such that the torque is 0 at angles equal to 0 and 2 pi, and the torque is maximal at angle equal to pi, and the torque has constant direction (the corresponding coordinate is always positive). This lead me to [sin(phi/2)]^2. Seems that, provided that cat's and toast's torques point in the same direction, the rotation will accelerate infinitely as they fall.
LOL...That drawing is GREAT! It made me laugh so much.....
You should me nominated for the Nobel prize of Physics for your groundbreaking discovery!
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Oh yes. In literature. As the best illustrator of the year. Or is it Oscar where they award atrists?Emotion: indifferent
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