If buttered toast always lands butter side down, and a cat always lands on
it's feet, what happens if you tie a piece of toast to a cat's back?
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Poor animal...
It's all in the name of science Bubr.
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Hehe. I once heard a lecture by a physicist Ivar Giaever, Nobel Prize winner, who is now working in biophysics. He described the procedure of obraining flesh from an experimental mouse and added: 'Biologists are very nice people. They never kill a mouse, they sacrifice it' Emotion: indifferent .
hehe! kind!? so we are (the biologists)! Lol. thanks! but i my self dont like giving it (mouse) chloroform and dissect just to see its heart beating!
sounds very cruel huh?
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ww! the cat will untie the toast! and fall for the dissected mouse!
An isolated system of a cat and a toast has no free-fall solution. However, in the presence of a third body, e.g. deepa & her mouse - the cat unties the toast in attempt to fall for the dissected mouse, hence, futher development of the system may satisfy the both free-fall laws. Emotion: geeked
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