Hi all, can I borrow your eyes?

When you read the sentence like below, how does it look like to your eyes?

Let's say, in Japanese, "save" can be translated to 保存 セーブ 助ける 貯金する 省く 確保する 節約する and many more, so how do you know which suits the best? Hunch?

I'm a Japanese and so are able to read the whole sentence without difficulties.

What I'm trying to convey with this slogan is that a word can be translated in many ways in another language. Without context it's not possible to choose the right one.
(So for the slogan, I'm a bit being sarcastic to emphasize: WE CARE THE QUALITY, WE CARE THE CONTEXT)

Is the slogan working to your eyes too? do you see my point? or just looks garbled?

Oh, I'm a translator, trying to create a slogan for my business, BTW.

Thanks for you time,
You may be a translator, but you are a very poor communicator. Which sentence do you wish to have assessed, and what is all the other information about?
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will you please ignore me from now on? I'm actually tired of you.
I'm afraid not. As a moderator at this forum, it is my responsibility to ensure that threads move smoothly and clearly and without rancour. On the contrary, if you are unwillingly to participate in this process, you will be caused to leave.

Now, please make your question more clear.