This is part of my story. As a non native English speaker, I hope it reads well, but if it doesn't, I would be grateful if you could help me improve. Thank you.

Stealia and her army convene in her throne room where she demands to know the location of Cromis, Sven and her daughter, and asks her guards how could they possibly escape? One of her guards shows her the letter Cromis dropped in the dungeons. After reading it, she pauses, and walks towards him, and asks does he have a family, and to which he states 'A wife and three children, my lady.'

She removes his head guard, takes his head in her hands and petrifies him, turning him into a stone statue. She orders Malvious to place the it alongside the panoply of other stone statues on display in her palatial gardens. She orders her other guards to find Cromis and kill him on account of treason, while bringing Sven and her baby to her alive. Having given orders to Malvious and her soldiers, she commands them to leave, and while alone, she beams a malevolent scream and falls to the ground in utter disdain, yelling that she will find her family, as she always wins.

Malvious steps out from her shadow and kneels down to console her, asking her if she is alright, and to which she looks at him, smirks and puts her hands on his shoulders, ensuring he is subordinate to her. She gazes into his eyes and a silent dialogue arises between them. He soon realises that she is about to petrify him. He states ‘No, no, no... ' and she silences him. She whispers in his ear ‘You are dispensable’. He cries and apologises for his failure, but she quickly petrifies him into stone. She examines his face and comments ‘My dear, you look much more beautiful wearing stone’.

Cromis and Sven exit the tunnel at the shrine of Rotraxia and take refuge in a nearby barn where they dress themselves in peasants clothing as a means to shroud their true identity from the village common folk. Cromis explains to Sven that they cannot leave Maldur via the main city gate, as Stealia will have had her soldiers put the kingdom in a state of lockdown. Cromis tells Sven of the river Acheron, explaining that it is their best means of escape, and they walk north through crowds of marauding people in an attempt to find it.

However, on doing so, Sven’s disguise falls off as he bumps into a local peasant who now recognizes him as king Sven, and begins bleating about tax increases, but as Sven appears disinterested and in a hurry, the peasant lashes out at him for his ignorance. The confrontation is seen by a nearby patrolling solider, who demands everyone to catch them. He withdraws his war horn from his holster, and blows through it, signalling the attention of nearby guards, who mount their horses and dash towards him.

Sven and Cromis run through foliage onto the embankment of the river Acheron. Cromis places the baby in the basket on a small wooden raft. As Stealia’s soldiers encroach on their location, Cromis tells Sven that he will sacrifice himself to ensure the survival of the baby by draining his life energy into it. He explains that he would rather die doing this, than die at the hand of a soldier’s blade. He instructs Sven to look into the eyes of his child with unbridled love, so as to leave a poignant image the child will never forget; an image that will inevitably bring him back to Maldur.

Cromis, part way through his chanting, is pierced by an incendiary arrow and falls to the ground. Sven quickly puts the baby in the basket on the raft and pushes it into the river current. The boat travels swiftly downstream out of sight. Stealia's soldiers tumble down the embankment, some are dismounted, and circle him. Sven collapses onto the ground in tears as they throw a net around him, while Cromis lies dead on the ground next to him.

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