Hello, In this starting paragraph how should I use commas and colons, or should I?

Although Gregory Mantsios’s points are accurate according to statistics, in the story Serving in Florida: author Barbara Bhrenreich has another view…ect.

Is that above correct according to the MLA? Should some of this be italic or capital?

I have a MLA hand book but I don’t understand where all the facts are because the book keeps referring me to different pages. I have an Essay do at 6 PM tonight. Any advice with this paragraph or anything would be greatly appreciated.

I’m getting hammered in this college English class 101 class which is all on the Myth of the American culture because I’m very inexperienced in some of the common grammar rules that most people should already know. I did great in the college reading placement test but they should have tested my grammar before placing me in a $450. three-credit course. I thought I was going to learn the little bits of grammer that I did not know, but apparently your on your own and there is no tutoring.

Advanced thanks!

Sorry, Waveform, I've missed you 6 p.m. deadline by a mile. I'm not familiar with MLA, but generally it would be in the story Serving in Florida, author Barbara Bhrenreich

Does your college have a writing lab? Many do. I have found the Online Writing Lab from Purdue to have a lot of great resources. Here is one page they have on MLA: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/557/01 /

But you may want to browse their site - you'll pick up all kinds of good tips.

Good luck. (I hope you'll visit the forums again.)
Hi no problem.

Cool link, Thanks! This is the Harper Junior college in Illinois by the way, sorry. Yes they have a what they call a student center. Well I just picked up an English Grammer for dummies book. It seems like it breaks down the basics while not jumping all over the place like my bedford handbook doses.

By the way, this was only a rough draft that got turned in. The teacher and student in my group will make revisions on it, and then I revise it and turn in the final. I will have to read the other students papers. This is a brutal English class which seems more like a class on the sociology of myth in American culture. It’s ridicules.