Sir I want to get free book or any other product like software or any tips with which i can easily improve my english speaking.this is so because i cannot pay for books but i want to improve my English.So Kindly help me and reply as early as possible.
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I guess that the best way to improve your spoken language is to practise it. You would ask me how to practise English. I would say try to speak English as much as possible.

Try to find and make friends who speak English. For example, you may find a friend of yours who is interested in English. Do not miss such a chance and never hesitate to ask him or her to speak in English whenever you are together. Besides, Nowadays one of speaking tips you can do that ( making friends) easily by using some Internet programs such as,

yahoo messenger
MSN messenger

Using such programs will allow you to meet a lot of English speakers who will undoubtedly help you improve your spoken English. Just be prepared with a microphone and headphone.Emotion: smile

Doing what I told you will guarantee you a very good improvement in speaking English

Take care
you dont have to buy books or cds for this. listen to the english news,read books, talk in english as much as you can, then you will see greater diffarence in your accent as wel on subject.
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hi buddy... h r u...? i m afraid to know that u cannot speak english.....let me tell you that how could you improve your english....? firstly, as u know that it is not our mother tongue so obviously its not an easy task it will give your time and you would have to given your time to it if you want to be good in english now i m going to tell you that why one cannot speak english fluently? actually we always use to take shy and hesitation as well.....we may think that when we speak english in front of some one ...oh.....he will be thinking that we r making efficiency and trying to over smart...hey man never think so....these are the negative points which creates trouble to make up your deficiency in english....just ignore all these things from your mind......always be confident ,be bold and be polite INSHALLAH english will be better and your morale automatically will go to at its high peak....always sit in that company in which your companions may also be desperate like you to learn english .....and have conversation with each other daily about 2 hours.......improve your vocabulary and remember my words vocabulary is the heart of english speaking or u may say it as a backbone of english......and i get you remember one thing more that trying to read newspapers and watch english movies and english news it would efficient your listening power dear friend plz try to understand my feeling and emotions and must try to act on it.....u must achive your cherished take care ...ALLAH HAFIZ
Have a look at Skype. It is free.
Just speak, speak and speak. It will not take 2-3 months.If u want to be a perfect in english plz follows these steps

1. Read Newspaper dail

2. Speak

3. Increase your Vocablery

4. Make a Permanent Schdule for that


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If you are interested in increasing your fluency in spoken English all you have to do is to find someone who can talk to you in English.
It's very easy to learn English. If you follow my way, guaranteed you will be fluent speaking English in few months: For every phrase, short sentense in English that you like (but know that you won't be able to speak out if facing someone), write it down and try to memorize it. And learn how to pronounce the words correctly as well.

Also use the Cambridge Dictionary to look up any English words, it has great source of examples, just read those examples and you will learn how to use a word and try to say it out loud yourself. That's how you improve your speaking
The big mistake many people make when learning English is to associate the written words with the spoken ones. They technically are two different worlds.

Since you have a computer, I would suggest you install iTunes (it's free) and subscribe to several podcasts. You will be able to listen to news, sports, scientific articles, etc. So listen and listen and listen to English speaking people. Simply get used to that.

With time you will be able to start repeating phrases that English speakers say. And keep in mind that fluent English has several things combined that makes it so different: intonation, inflection, word connectors, sounds that do not exist in your mother tongue, etc.

You need to get used to listen to people speaking fast, because that's what you will generally encounter. So avoid those slow and word-by-word paused conversations.

After getting a bit used to this, start reading. But it is always much better if you can read something that accompanies an audio file, so that you can check that you sound like a native. In other words, emulate the speaker! You're learning a totally different language.

And again, just like the listening stuff, try to read fast (but do not exaggerate). Reading slow will just tell the person you talk to that you do not speak English well.

I'll think about some little hints in the future and I will post them here.

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