I have a query about using the word "Everyone" grammatically in sentences.

I want to know

"Everyone who worked with Heather personally congratulated her on her promotion and told her how much they enjoyed her company."

Is this sentence correct?I know that the word "they" in the above sentence is wrong as Everyone is a singular pronoun and it needs a singular to agree in the sentence.

but can anyone please tell me how to correct the above sentence ?
Im confused about which word or phrase to substitute for the word "they" .
Everyone/ everybody are singular words, so we use a singular verb, but you can use they/them/their after everyone/everybody:

Everybody said they enjoyed themselves.
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AnonymousEveryone who worked with Heather personally congratulated her on her promotion and told her how much they enjoyed her company.
You can use he, which includes both genders, and is more formal, or you can use "singular they", which is less formal, but acceptable, as you have done.
Does everyone have their/his textbook with them/him today?
Everybody said they/he enjoyed the party.
Everyone took their/his turn in a orderly way.
Everybody congratulated themselves/himself on what a good job they/he had done on their/his project(s).
Not everybody can quickly put their/his troubles behind them/him after a disappointment.
You can also use he or she, his or her, him or her, and so on, but these are awkward, and people almost always use "singular they" these days.
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