Hi everyone,

First, I want to say that I’m not a teacher. I’m a junior who is learning to become a teacher of English at a university (English is a second language in my country.) I am going to have an assignment that is to explain a long reading passage to my classmates and help them to answer the questions about the passage as a real teacher. There are a lot of new words, idioms, as well as many facts involved in history and geography knowledge that need to be explained. This is the first time I do this kind of assignment, so I’m very confused how to make it well. I know that if I just keep listing and explaining new words, idioms, etc, the class will fall asleep eventually. What should I do to keep the class energetic as well as understand the passage thoroughly?

Please help me by giving me your experience. Thank you very much!
I teach reading all the time and what you are discribing is not difficult at all. The trick is to keep the students active. To do this, you have to find ways to get them involved in the learning process. You say in your post that there are a lot of new words, idioms and facts involved in history and geography. The key is to NOT explain what these things are, but to get the students to tell you what they are, or what a new word means.

For new words and idioms, first prepare yourself by looking up synonyms and antonyms for some of the new words. Then when you introduce the word, tell the students the meaning NOT the word. Tell them to look in the dictionary for a word that means the opposite, or for a word that means the same thing. Tell them the first letter and the number of letters in the word, then let them try and guess the new word. If they have a difficult time guessing the word, use hangman as a tool to help them guess.

You can do similar things with geography and history. Keep it fun the both you the students will enjoy the class.
It's very helpful. Thanks a lot!
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