how do i say i have fever in good english?
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I have a fever.

I usually say the expression 'I have a temperature'.

Either way: I have a fever. I have a temperature.

If you say what your temperature is, usually we'd say it: I have a temperature of 102.

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The other two answers are correct. Here is still another acceptable way you can say it that uses an idiomatic expression.

"I'm running a fever."

"He's running a high fever!"

Word for word this idiomatic expressions will not make sense to persons unfamiliar with the language. But among English native speakers it is a common expression.
How to tell I have a fever
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To be more general you want to say "I have a fever"
To be more specific you want to say "My temperature is 101.9" (assuming that is what your temperature is)
AnonymousHow to do I tell if I have a fever?
Use a thermometer.

I have a high fever
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